Competition Is Growing

Over the last four years, the number of applicants to medical school has increased astronomically. 
There were 46,591 applicants for the class entering medical school in the fall.  
And while the number of candidates continues to rise, the availability of medical school positions remains pretty steady. 
That means that there are close to three times as many applicants as there are slots. The bottom line: 
The present environment for getting into medical school is as competitive as it has ever been.
To be a successful applicant, you need to play by the rules. 
You must put your best foot forward -- first on paper, then in person. 
The more you understand about the application process, the more time and care you dedicate (both in research and preparation) to this process, the better your chances of gaining admission. 
Think about it! If youve spent countless hours studying organic chemistry in order to get into medical school, you can definitely spend some time researching the admissions process.